Who We Are

Scientific/Scholarly Team

University of Amsterdam – Humanities Team 

Prof. dr. Giovanna Fossati, SEMIA project leader.
See here for Professor Fossati’s UvA profile page.

Dr. Eef Masson, senior researcher media studies and work package 1 leader (Media History and Digital Methods).
See here for Dr. Masson’s UvA profile page.

Dr. Christian Olesen, postdoctoral researcher media studies and overall project manager.
See here for Dr. Olesen’s UvA profile page.

University of Amsterdam – Computer Science Team

Prof. dr. Marcel Worring, senior researcher computer science and work package 2 leader (Feature Extraction).
See here for Professor Worring’s UvA profile page.

Dr. Nanne van Noord, postdoctoral researcher computer science.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Harry van Vliet, senior researcher cross-media and work package 3 leader (Visualizations and Interfaces).
See here for Dr. Van Vliet’s Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ profile page.

Maaike van Cruchten, lecturer prototyping and interaction design. See here for Maaike’s personal webpage.

Frank Kloos, lecturer digital media and design. See here for Frank’s Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ profile page.

Heritage partners

Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Johan Oomen, manager Knowledge and Innovation

EYE Filmmuseum

Irene Haan, Head of Digital Presentations

Gerdien Smit, Assistant to the Chief Curator

Ernst van Velzen, Information Manager

Anne Gant, Head Film Conservation & Digital Access

Creative industry partners

Studio Louter

Dr. Sjoerd van der Linde, Consultant. See here for a description of Sjoerd van der Linde’s work profile in the Studio Louter team.

Dirk Bertels, Creative Partner. See here for a description of Dirk Bertel’s work profile in the Studio Louter team.

Partner Institutions