SEMIA Tool and Interface Prototypes

On this page, you can access the SEMIA tool and the interface prototypes that were made during different stages of the project. A link to the SEMIA tool accompanied by a short description can be found below, while the interface prototypes can be experienced in the form of short screen recordings and in one case also a link to a working prototype. The interface prototypes were work in progress mock-ups that were discussed throughout the project before we reached the format of the final tool. The prototypes are listed in reverse chronological order.

Final SEMIA prototype and tool 2020

The screen shot below shows the final SEMIA prototype and tool developed by software developer Bert Spaan. It was based on the project team’s research and visual design. The tool as well as SEMIA data and software can be accessed here. The tool was officially launched at the SEMIA project’s end event at the Eye Collection Centre February 7, 2020.

First online clickable SEMIA prototype autumn 2019

The screen recording below shows an impression of the first version of the final SEMIA prototype and tool developed by software developer Bert Spaan during the autumn of 2019. It was based on the research and visual design of the project’s research team. This was the first time the project’s ideas could be tested and tried in an online, clickable version.

SEMIA Nearest Neighbour Browser 2019

The Nearest Neighbour Browser was made by the SEMIA project’s computer science postdoc Nanne van Noord in the summer of 2019. Among others, one of its main purposes was to offer the various project users – archivists, artists and scholars – an impression of what it could be like to browse clips from the collections of the Eye Filmmuseum and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision using the four feature spaces analyzed in the SEMIA project – Movement, Colour, Visual Complexity and Shape. A screenshot of this browser is included below. The browser still works and can be accessed and tried out here (it takes a little while for everything to load and display properly so please be patient!).

SEMIA prototype mock-up autumn 2018

This interface prototype was created in the autumn of 2018. Its interface design reflects the key principles behind the SEMIA tool as envisioned a year in to the project. The final tool follows this design closely, but is not a full realization of all the functionalities envisioned at earlier stages in the research. For instance, the final tool does not allow users to create a user collection based on selected clips as shown in this prototype (yet, as the results of SEMIA are currently being integrated into the CLARIAH Media Suite, this will be made possible in a near future within a different environment). This prototype has been presented on numerous occasions at various conferences, among others at the 2018 conference of the the Association of Moving Image Archivists in Portland, the final SEMIA symposium in February 2019 and the 2019 Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference in Seattle.